Jobs for International Students

The strong service industry and economy in Queensland offers opportunities for international students to work as well as study.

Can I work in Australia?

Many international students are allowed to work, although some visas have limited work rights. It’s important that you are clear about the limitations of your visa before seeking work.

For more information about visa requirements for international students and how to apply for permission to work in Australia, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.

What is the job market like in Australia?

There are a wide range of jobs available for international students in Australia. To learn more about which job suits you best, visit the Australian Government Job Outlook website.  This website contains valuable information on thousands of jobs including:

  1. job prospects
  2. weekly earnings
  3. occupation size
  4. skills and qualifications needed
  5. job vacancies.

How can I prepare myself for a job?

There are a number of training programs outlined below that can help prepare international students for successfully gaining a job.

1.  Internships

An internship is a pre-professional work experience that provides international students, recent graduates, and those seeking to change careers with the opportunity to gain experience in a particular career field.  Professional Internships are sought by Government agencies and/or major corporations generally to up-skill and/or enhance staff performance. The internships fields sought are generally where Australia is recognized as a market leader or where there is intent to gain business understanding or future business cooperation.

2.  Vocational placement

Vocational placement is where an international student is placed in a workplace to receive practical training and experience that is required under, and is an assessable part of, a student’s course, leading to the issuing of a qualification or statement of attainment.

3.  Work experience

Work experience assists international students in their transition from school to work. It provides a formal arrangement whereby international students participate in activities at a place of paid or voluntary work. Students may undertake work sampling, work shadowing, research work experience and structured work placement. At all times, the educational value of the program for any student should be the prime consideration.

4.  Volunteering

Volunteer work is a great way to learn valuable real-world skills and give back to the greater community. There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in Australia.

How do I find a job?

There are a number of schools, agencies and websites that can assist you in finding a job.

  • International students can contact their school to see whether they provide job placement services
  • Try our comprehensive job finder to help you find a job at a convenient location.

What are my rights and obligations as an employee?

Australia has strict laws relating to employment conditions. These apply to anyone working in Australia, including international students. They cover a wide range of topics including:

  • the minimum amount you must get paid
  • your taxation and superannuation obligations
  • safety at your place of employment
  • what work you can do
  • unfair treatment in the workplace

(Courtesy of Queensland Goverment – Australia)